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This workshop page is for technical articles and advice that may help VW owners maintain their cherished vehicles. Everyone has to start somewhere, and knowing what's what on your car is bewildering. Whether its basic servicing, identification of parts, vehicle enhancements this is the place to come.
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If you have any articles, suggestions, contributions, with pictures, we can feature them here. You can get free advertising by submitting an article and we will feature your article with an advert for your services.
VW Camper Buyer's Guide
Another VW Camper Buying Guide
Some technical tips from Just Kampers
Servicing Advice
Type 2 Technical Resource Library
Rob and Dave's Aircooled Volkswagen Pages
Reluctant Mechanic
(Google) Aircooled News Group
We are after articles on any of the following subjects. If you would like to write an article on these or any other topic, then please contact the Workshop here.
Buyers Guide
Stalling problems
Heating problems
How to service your Dub
Electronic Ignition Replacement
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