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Title: Looking for a T1 with 23 Windows
Model: T1 SAMBA /Microbus Deluxe 23 windows
Type: Camper Van / Bus - Split Screen
Price: 3k-30k dependin
Year: 51-67
Location: Everywhere
Description: For my dad's birthday I want to fulfill his lifelong dream and find him a SAMBA with 23 windows, in England it is called Microbus Deluxe. It is the T1 type model built between 1951 and 1967.

My dad won a prize for the best most original restoration of a Renault 4 in 2013 at Nuremburgring.

I am very proud of him and he grew up in a Type 1. If you can help me find one, please send me an eMail.

The bus should be restorable, if it only consists of rust and is hardly recognizable anymore, I cannot buy it.

But if it is half decent and you love it so much that you wish for an expert to restore it and love it till the end of his days, my dad is the right guy.

The T1 will be part of my family then, and his best friends will be the prettiest Hanomag transporter and the prettiest R4 the world has ever seen.

He will even have floor heating and get a nice rub down every once in a while when he joins my family.

Please help! We are willing to buy a plane ticket and come see you if you have a beauty we might wanna adopt!

Yours, Julia.
Buyer Details
Julia Christophers
Mobile: 004917670235048
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