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Volkswagen Camper Van Rentals

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Rent a VW Camper Van

During a credit crunch, people increasingly look for cheaper holidays and with the price of VW camper vans always increasing and becoming out of reach for a lot of people, more and more people are opting to rent out classic VW camper vans for camping holidays. People are renting VW campers for short weekend trips such as festivals or touring holidays. Either way you can take your home with you, and sleep and live in a lot more confort than being under canvas.

There are more and more companies offering camper van rentals all over the UK, using both original Type 2 Bay Window and Split Screen vans and buses from the sixties and seventies. Some companies are now starting to rent out modern VW Devon Type 2 Campers which originate in Brazil and are fitted out with modern and highly functional interiors.

Camper Van Rentals / Hire Companies

Here is a list of companies offering  VW Camper Van Hire / Rental

or alternatively, buy your own VW camper van. View our VW Campers For Sale here.