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1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel

Model:  1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel
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Year: 1960

Camper Van / Bus - Split Screen

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Location: Essex, UK
Description: Imported from Florida about 10 years ago, originally from Alabama. I know all previous UK owners.

This van has serious attitude, gets a lot of compliments but sadly Iím finally ready to sell it. Iíve owned it for 8 years and taken great care of it. Always kept in a heated garage and barely seen any rain. I had Type2Detectives completely go over the underside and mechanicals to make it drive better than new and itís really easy to steer, brake and select gears. The suspension is great at absorbing bumps at speed and it doesnít roll or bottom-out. Since having this work done, Iíve never had a breakdown in 8 years.

You can trust the brakes and handbrake with your life and all locks work with an original key.

Solid chassis with an amazing patina and extremely straight and solid underside. Thereís no serious corrosion or pinholes on body or floors, just patina surface rust from 60 years of life in USA and UK.

- Road Tax exempt
- MOT exempt

- Tubbed front arches
- 4Ē narrowed front beam
- Dropped spindles
- Straight axle kit in the rear with adjustable spring plates (can go lower!)
- Raised steering box
- All undertaken by Slamwerks in Derby and further improvements made by Type2Detectives.
- Amazing patina US-spec slash-cut bumpers
- Porsche 356 replica wheels (option to buy white powder-coated smoothies for £150 too)
- Leisure battery fitted
- New main battery fitted
- Front Safari windows
- US-style number plates (2) Never had a problem convincing the Police that theyíre original to the vehicle and therefore legal in Europe ;)
- The underside has been WaxOyl protected
- Oil temperature gauge fitted
- Tuck away high-clearance exhaust
- 1641 engine with twin carbs (pulls really well and sounds just right) Roughly 32,000 miles on engine (TBC).
- Heat exchangers fitted
- Truck mirrors
- Original dials and uncut dash
- Rusty Lee Rock and Roll bed in the back, wooden floor and part panelled out
- Hidden stereo system with speakers in rear

Rock solid apart from bottom of cab doors - skins are fine. Few pinholes in one cargo but nothing structural. Surface rust treated with clear lacquer/wax to prevent further rusting - looks amazing!

This is a great bus for enjoying the summer and will get you wherever you want to go. Looked great when sign written by a previous owner. It will be sorely missed!

Sorry for photo quality. My camera was on the wrong mode...

No low ballers or time wasters, thanks.
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Seller Details
Marc Hudson
Phone: 07849467959
Advert Date: March 2020
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1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel
1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel
1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel
1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel
1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel
1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel
1960 US Import Ratty Slammed Panel