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1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis

Model:  1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
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Year: 1969

Beetle / Bug

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Location: Sittingbourne
Description: 1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis

A little History:
This car has been in the family since 1982 when my brother bought it for Uni. He then handed it down to me when I went to Uni. It was then taken off the road for a complete rebuild by my father. I am loathed to sell it as it was my Fathers last project. My father is now retired but was a professional mechanic with over 60 years experience. Even though this bug has been part of the family for 35 years , sadly it is no longer practical for me to keep so very reluctantly it must go.

Although it is now on an L plate this is actually a 1969 Beetle (originally on an H plate), The DVLC assigned a new registration when we upgraded the chassis to one from a 1303S beetle. It is still tax exempt.

This car has had a body off, nuts and bolts rebuild. Everything, excluding the paint job has been lovingly restored by my father. The old swing axle Chassis has been replaced with a fully restored IRS (independent rear suspension) chassis from a 1303s for improved handling and stability under speed. Yes, we went to that extent!

This is the closest you’re going to get to a brand new German air-cooled beetle that you are ever likely to find. It just needs finishing to get it to concourse standards – mainly the interior. If I was going to keep the car, I had envisaged a nice tan (not Beige) interior to set off the metallic blue paint, but I guess that’s up to the new owner now.

Although it says 1500 on the back the engine is actually a twin port 1600 engine also from a 1303S.
Before fitting, the engine was completely stripped and all worn parts replaced. The new owner will need to run this engine in as it hasn’t even covered 10 miles since the rebuild.

The engine has:
• an Engle performance road camshaft
• Racing Crankshaft.
• Total seal piston Rings from for maximum compression.
• 041 Cylinder heads which are the best for performance and daily use, also from JMR.
• Hardened valves from JMR so it runs on unleaded.
• single twin choke Weber carb fitted with a K&N air filter which again is the best for performance, economy, reliability and ease of maintenance.

This car starts better than my VW Golf

Mod Cons:
This car was intended for daily use in all-weather so:
• It has both front and rear heated windscreens
• A cigarette lighter socket for your sat nav, phone charging or plugging in heated seat covers, etc.
• I have also fitted rear pop out windows for improved ventilation and because they’re cool.
•     The steering column has been modified to include wiper and headlight switches on stalks as per later models. So the headlight and wiper knobs on the dash are now vacant and can be used for other things without having to drill into the dash. The wiper stalk also includes an electric wash/wipe and the headlight stalk includes full beam/flasher.
• It has the very hard to find under-dash plastic parcel shelf to allow the fitment of other dials switches etc without having to drill into the dashboard.

Because it has the later more modern chassis the seat sliding mechanism falls easier to hand as it is located more conveniently on the central tunnel.

The heating works like a dream especially as I managed to get my hands on original VAG heat exchangers which are much thicker, heavier and retain more heat than aftermarket replacements.

You will not find any rot anywhere on this beetle
• All 4 wings are brand new.
• The passenger side door is also brand new and comes with a passenger side door mirror.
• The alloys are American eagles and are worth over £1000 with brand new tires all round.
• The entire breaking system is new and you’ll be surprised at how effective it is.
• The clutch is also new and very light.

With its metal dashboard, flat windscreen and long bonnet this car has all the looks and styling of a 1960s beetle but with improved handling, power and performance that comes from the IRS chassis and upgraded/modified engine. This is the best of both worlds and the car that VW should have continued to produce.

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Seller Details
Sudesh Patel
Phone: 07775907186
Advert Date: July 2017
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1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis
1969 VW Beetle, 1600cc with IRS Chassis