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VWT25 Panel Van suitable for conversion

Model:  VWT25 Panel Van suitable for conversion
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Year: 1989

Type 25

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Location: Northampton
Description: VW T25 PANEL VAN Suitable for Campervan Conversion

The van has a current MOT, is Taxed and Insured and fully legal to drive
MOT Expires April 15th 2015

Originally the Engine was a 1.6 Petrol Block on which the Head Gasket had blown
And the Gearbox was a Four Speed Manual
Following a lengthy period the Engine has been transplanted and now contains a 1.9TD Diesel Block, this conversion was completed by Duncans of Byfleet with invoice to confirm
The Diesel Block came from an AAZ VW Passat donor at a cost of nearly 800 including ancilleries
To accompany this a Reburb KKK Turbo was added at a cost of nearly 370, as the donor Engines Turbo proved to be shot, also provided and installed by Duncans
A new Heavy Duty Battery added at a cost of 80
To add to this a Five Speed manual Gearbox has been installed in November 2014 at a cost of 800 with One Month of Warranty still remaining on the install Box by Campershack at Grantham
This replaced a Five Speed Box that was sourced and installed to replace the original Four Speed at a cost of 250 and failed within 3 months of install

I have had two Vented ex Westfalia Tinted Windows proffesionally installed in the Rear Quarters
And inherited a slide window already installed on the O/S Centre Panel
Due to the Diesel Install the Engine now sits higher than the Engine Bay Lid, this will require the Lid to be seated higher (I believe Brickwerks supply a kit for this install)
The Engine Conversion has been Logged with the DVLA and the V5 now states Fuel Type as Heavy Oil not the orginal Petrol - Therefore there will be no Insurance problems with the replacement Engine installed

The original cost of the van, plus Donor Engine, Ancilleries, Turbo, Two Five Speed Gearboxes, MOT Preparation and Labour now totals in the region of 3800 to 4000

I now reluctantly realize that this project is now too much for me
The Engine side of things is installed and perfect
The van requires a Full Interior Install to complete and I just dont have that time to spare to complete, I cant warrant the van just standing not reaching its full potential

Engine wise the van is perfect
The Engine Bay Lid will have to be raised as advised and several areas of piping and wiring further secured and general Engine Bay tidying up
Exterior there is slight - and I say slight for a van registered in 1989 - corrosion to the N/S Footwell, the N/S Rear Wheel Arch, there is denting to the N/S Sliding Side Door and other Minor - and again I stress Minor Dings to the Body Work
I have been advised that the Braking System will require attention - Primarly due to the time spent "Standing"

In my opinion, its a cracking van in good condition, the Engine Pulls well, Gear Selection is Solid and it will quite happily sit at 70mph on the Motorway
To complete, the van will require a full Interior Conversion

At the moment you will inherit a "Blank Canvas" to complete to your own taste

I would be happy for potential buyers to view and the van is located in Northampton
Should you buy, simply sort out the legal side and you can have the key and drive the van home "without the need of a trailer!"

Im looking for 3500 ono for the old girl
Any Questions please feel free to ask
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Seller Details
paul callan
Phone: 07827698047
Advert Date: February 2015
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VWT25 Panel Van suitable for conversion
VWT25 Panel Van suitable for conversion
VWT25 Panel Van suitable for conversion