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1959 GOLDE-RAGTOP/ Semaphore Beetle -Herbie

Model:  1959 GOLDE-RAGTOP/ Semaphore Beetle -Herbie
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Year: 1959

Beetle / Bug

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Location: Hertfordshire
Description: 1959 Vw Beetle, small windows with factory Golde Ragtop and LHD-Just like the movies!

Get ready for Volks World/Bugjam + summer events!

Restored + MOT and TAX (Free MOT's see notes Below) - Classic car insurance -Cheap!

If you've seen 'Herbie Goes Bananas' then you'll know this guy!

He Turns heads everywhere he goes! A Very nice Herbie Replica.

He will be missed a lot.

1959 VW Beetle with a factory fitted 'Golde' ragtop - 2X New Heater channels, 2X Front and 2X Rear Quarter panels, 1X Front wheel well panel+ 1x engine bay panel.

CUSTOM PAINT- Working Semaphores - small windows all round - Herbie wide wheels(custom) - Herbies Colour co ordination in L87 base col - Grey Ragtop - Correct Rear engine lid(pope's Nose) - U.S.Towel Rail Bumpers F+R - Correct Matt Grey Interior(as per movie) - GreggCarr Decals(official sizes) - 's spent with invoices to show! Rare chance to own a one off Herbie like this.

Registered in the U.k and Taxed with a Current U.k MOT. Body off chassis Works.

So Herbie has many new parts fitted with Major body work repairs that had been carried out prior to the MOT. So now the car can be used as a daily driver or sit in a Garage or Museum. It has the fake rust Paint that has apparently 5 differen't colours to get the Rust effect all over with L87 Pearl White Paint as the base colour-(custom Paint Job), Rusty-Adged Dull look used on body with Yellowish tint to bring the car to Film standard and decal/stickers by Gregg Carr (official Herbie correct decals from Tampa-Florida). The interior is painted in Matt-Grey just like the film cars-I have seen x4 original Herbies in my time here in the U.k and USA and can only say that it's so near the original cars and a fraction of the price! Original Chassis plate in wheel well area-year of manufacture/weight etc.

(Official VW Museum certificate to confirm spec of the car).

It was bought over from the Netherlands 2 years ago and needed much work, And he is U.k Registered.

The body is very solid! No rust on Chassis/floor or patches of weld either - solid.

Front beam is in very good condition.
06 months MOT with 06 months Tax with VW Birth certificate + Hpi Clear with Report.

Herbie has a List of New Parts ie:
New Front wheel well welded and rear centre engine panel welded, New heater channels both sides welded with front and Rear 1/4 sections with brand new seals. The rear mem frame is original in very good condition. Refurbed/stripped steel wheels in L87 pearl white with Newish Goodyear EAGLE tyres and white writing.
The pans are original with no signs of welding - Nice Solid!
Has New California Sloping Headlamps with New beam units, New top indicators(for show only), New 6-Volt bulbs all round inc-Semaphore bulbs. 4x New wheel brake cylinders, Front and rear Rubber Brake pipes/copper pipes with nuts/bolts, New Brake master cylinder etc. New fuel line copper/rubbers/Bolts. New Pedal assembly, New Gearshift plates, refurbed light switch, New speedo cable, New handbrake cable, New accelerator cable, New Boot on rear axles, New EMPI exhaust twin outlet. New front Wheel Bearings L+R side. Refurbed outer drums/painted black, Greased and replaced two springs for Drum brakes.

Brand New 'Newton Commercial' Oatmeal carpet set Front + Rear.

New fuel pump, New Fuel line, New Spark plugs, New wide cap distributer, New rotor arm, New Spark leads etc, New CLUTCH and New EMPI 6-Volt Horn. New 6-Volt 'BOSCH' Battery and New 6-Volt Starter Motor, Dynamo has been refurbed. New wiper switch with Refurbed Wiper motor+mechanism.
Refurbed Saphire Bendix 1 Radio(USA) all working with a built in speaker on side of the dash.

Very good chrome shine on Saphire Bendix 1 Radio. Also New wing beading all round.

Has a good ragtop-Vinyl seems to be in good order, has a small rough edge but does not affect the sunroof in any way.

All windows and the winders work very good, Small Quarter windows also open and close, with original SunVisors in place with Original Rear view mirror. All doors open/close nicely and lock correctly on both sides. Sliding ragtop also moves back and forward with correct 'GOLDE' Handle. Door hinges are in very good condition too on both sides. The Bonnet opens and closes as it should. Engine lid works great-opens/closes. Brakes work well-and Brake shoes are in good order.

***I have pictures of the rebuild/body-off chassis etc if needed***

***I have the original SNOW-FLAKE rear brake lights all in working order- these will go with the car!

***There is also a Carello Foglamp I have that will go with herbie -This I bought for over 150 at the time - correct movie part

*** NOTES: As of November 2012 Pre 1960 Cars do not need to be MOT'd. That's
right- you don't have to even take the car to the MOT station. If you decide you want to do a physical Test still you can for the normal MOT Fee if you want to be extra sure!!

Also NOTE:The current MOT was done like a normal car MOT in June last Year.(no flukes here)
So after -Nov 2012 the MOT fee-0 - and Road Tax-0 as it's registered before 1974 .
Classic car insurance fully-comp is cheap normally between 80-150 a year ***

Please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours! The car is kept in storage so if you want to view no problem just let me know in advance as I have to make arrangements beforehand.

Any questions or viewings please email me or phone.

Cheque/draft/Cash to clear before I release.


ANY Q's - 077 87 95 86 27

Small video of ''Herbie'' film scene -
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1959 GOLDE-RAGTOP/ Semaphore Beetle -Herbie
1959 GOLDE-RAGTOP/ Semaphore Beetle -Herbie
1959 GOLDE-RAGTOP/ Semaphore Beetle -Herbie
1959 GOLDE-RAGTOP/ Semaphore Beetle -Herbie