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Classic car insurance for your VW Beetle, VW Split Screen Camper or Bay Window Camper, or Karmann Ghia.

Why own a classic VW car?

There are many reason to own a classic aircooled VW camper van or Beetle.

  • Chance to own a vehicle with style, classic looks,
  • Low cost motoring
  • Tax free motoring for pre 1973 registered vehicles
  • Low cost insurance
  • Fun to drive
  • Cheap and fun camping holidays
  • Meet other VW Owners through the many nationwide VW events and owners Clubs..

Classic car insurance - VW Camper | VW Beetle | VW Karmann Ghia

Classic car insurance is often considerably cheaper than standard insurance. You can get vw camper insurance or vw beetle insurance a lot cheaper than standard road car insurance. This is often for a number of reasons.
  • Insurance companies know that our VW are going to be well look after vehicles that their owners cherish.
  • They are more often than not going to store the Volkswagens in garages rather than out on the road.
  • They know that their owners are not likely to speed or take undue risks in their VW campers or Volkswagen Beetles. .
  • They know that by looking after their cars or vans they are likely to retain their value.
  • Unlike normal motor insurance, owners are able to obtain to take out an additional feature where they can state the value of the vehicle, so that in the event of a claim they are able to get their Stated value of their vehicle rather than what the insurance company dictates.
There are many classic car insurance companies which specialise in aircooled Volkswagen classic car insurance such as,, and .
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