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Camping and Touring the UK and Europe in a Volkswagen Camper Van.

In the current financial climate many holidaymakers are concerned that global rising prices and a dire foreign currency conversion rate will prevent them from their annual holiday abroad. For many people, despite the abundance of budget flights and cheap hostels, it is cheaper and easier to stay in the UK for a summer break.
Over the last few years the tourism industry in the UK has improved significantly as areas such as Brighton, Southampton, North Wales and Cornwall have developed their facilities to cater for larger swarms of tourists. As part of these developments of attractions and museums, accommodation options have significantly improved, with even more hostels, B&Bs and camping sites on offer.

Although some people are not suited to camping, for many it is a cheap and fun way to enjoy the UK's great outdoors. With modern tents and equipment you can stay on air mattresses and cook hot meals on warm stoves all whilst enjoying a British sunset and the warmer summer climate. If sleeping directly in the outdoors isn't for you, then the trend of VW campers may appeal more. First produced in 1949, Volkswagen camper vans became most popular in the 1960s and 70s, especially the split-screen and VW Bay Window Camper Van models. For many they represent the freedom of the era and the mobility of the time. Nowadays they are not just nostalgia items but also incredibly well functioning and comfortable sleeping, cooking and storage areas as well as differing elevating roof types.

With comfortable room for 2 to 6 people, the VW camper van (either a Bay Window Camper van or a VW split screen camper) is ideal for a family holiday as you can combine your accommodation and travel in one van, whilst making sure you do it in style and with all of the facilities and amenities that you may need. The van is also perfect for making sure you relax but also get to see a lot of the country and you can drive from place to place and see as much of your destination as possible. This style of holiday definitely means the children and teenagers won't get bored.

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If looking for a remote getaway holiday, the VW is perfect as you can drive to remote and random areas of the country, park up and enjoy the spectacular views. Adventurous holidays are also great with a VW Camper Van as it holds a lot of equipment and ensures you can drive around to different spots. For example if surfing, the van is ideal for carrying boards and driving around to find the best waves. And if you want a foreign holiday you can indeed drive across the tunnel to the continent. You could even fly from one end of the country to another, perhaps taking Cardiff airport flights and then picking up a camper van in Wales and driving off to enjoy the beautiful valleys or the beaches of North Wales. With VW campers and camping holidays generally, your holidays can be priceless without the high price.